Saturday, August 11, 2007

One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing....

Currently operating with a reduced facility; this comes to you via temporary dial-up somewhere in East Yorkshire.
The bunker in Leeds is looking forlorn and derelict, with all of the electronic equipment stripped out and no accommodation, it won't be long until it is finally signed off the books and given to some desperado from the locality.
Until then the additional rent will be a small millstone which has to be tolerated for the sake of the storage.

The new base is superb; that's all I can say for now, as pictures are a little too large for this connection.
More will follow, including pictures of the gorgeous seaside town in which I will be living.
Talking of which, the nearest inland city has hotels and pubs in a 17th century setting, one in particular being a brewery pub with superb beer and the best pub meals we have ever eaten.

It is a short drive inland, but nobody has to drive as public transport is excellent.

I'm looking forward to this new life.

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