Tuesday, August 28, 2007

While I'm At It....

What a pile of crap the Notting Hill carnival is.
I mean what?
Go out.
Drink on the street with a bunch of in-turning 'event' hogs, or get mugged every two feet by unfriendly black guys;
watch a couple of hundred sweaty people prancing around, gyrating pointlessly for hours while wearing absurd clothing that usually does nothing to improve their appearances (which is surely the purpose of decoration), all suffused with a sense of strain, menace and fear and a few, yes, just a few, children actually smiling.

I mean, stuff it Londitz.
I didn't go to the Weymouth Carnival last week, but at least people got to see the Red Arrows flying a full display up and down the beach and over the town, and were able to sit in pavement bars and cafes while watching both the carnival and the air display.

But it wasn't on TV, because it isn't in *Wunderbar Londitz!*
Anyway, I'm going to sit down with another beer.
Couldn't do my laundry, so I'll spend the laundry money on a pint.

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