Tuesday, August 14, 2007

There's A Lot Of Them About.

All around the world, where people attempt to live close together, there are life forms which inhabit the nether world of private, imaginary, peculiar little attempts at conflict.
I now have a two-floor apartment with no neighbour above, and solid walls, but as of day 3 I have been awoken at 2 am by, yep, a pencil neck geek bouncing around next door to my bedroom.

The previous tenant was very glad to get me, very glad to charge a reasonable price and, frankly, very glad to get away.

Now I know why.
There had to be a catch and this is it.
Next time I'm in Leeds I'll get some of my automated noise out of storage.
This usually prevents 'Sleepless In Seattle' types from staying up all night, by playing music to them all day long.
I would never have to hear it, neither would my ground-floor neighbours, as it will be in the attic.
And if I can get talking to the predecessors, we can possibly reach a quorum and have a group complaint against the rubbish next door.
And it is still a big improvement over my Leeds 'neighbour'.

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