Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Love Sudoku?

Get a life!
I mean, messing around doing mental arithmetic with small numbers that signify nothing and doing it for its own sake?
Do me a bloody favour!
Do these people go off and try to get interviewed 'for the fun of it?'

If I fancy doing a bit of arithmetic, I sit at the new 3.4GHz Dual Core the company has issued to me and compare version numbers on software issues.
Then I take the read-only locks off and start recompiling them to see what they do in detail.
And I get paid for it.

Haven't taken a newspaper for two weeks;(haven't bought one for three years, but that was because I worked for Johnstons Press and even got my Weekend FT for free), but when I do one thing I ignore absolutely every time is Sudoku.

Let's face it, it's about as clever as a Harry Potter novel.

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