Friday, August 03, 2007

A Boat Called Dignity.

Tomorrow is the last day I will be working in haulage.
I had hesitated to mention this due to the 'retiring cop syndrome'.
You know.
The bit where the 'old' cop shows his family photos to the young turk, and then maybe a picture of a boat or a hot rod, just before he gets one in the chest and expires in a pool of blood and regrets.

Well now. If I pile my Mercedes Vito van into a 43 Tonne truck and die tomorrow, you know why.
But if I don't, I'm going to be out of circulation for a while; first I have to find a place to live in Cider Country(South West England), then I have to get a phone line activated, then I have to get my broadband account transferred.
That's after I do 1500 miles of round trips with my gear in-yep- another white van.

So this could well be the last posting for a couple of weeks.

But when I'm back, it will be great.

As Sid Vicious said, "Please don't be waiting for me."
More appropriately, "see you on the other side!"

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