Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Good News Travels Fast!

Being back in my council flat in Leeds for the last time tonight, I can't help but wonder what is really going on.
Because the knock on the ceiling tells me that 'someone is going to pay for this'.
Meaning that loot and conquest were promised?
Or just a pathetic empty threat now that my liberation is imminent?

I must be a very dangerous man indeed for the local remnant of Smersh to get all upset.
First their bitch tries to pump me for my new address(and I divert her to another), then their little thug upstairs gets all upset, and then my oldest friend (a socialist) actually tries to argue against getting out of Leeds 'in case I don't like my new job'.

Well here are a few facts: it is a great job, the bitch's carefully planned brainwashing didn't work,it is an American company, and they could care less about little local shenannigans.
I'm going to make real money, in a solid place of my own, well away from the misery of Leeds.
(Although I've got some good friends there-just in case eh?).

Even if they bang on the walls, they will never be able to bang on the ceilings. Trust me.
Oh, and while I still haven't been paid for the contract, I did receive a cheque for £300 from the sale of a small shareholding and another £80 in dividends.
So I'm going to make it to my whopping pay day.

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