Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Little Pig Killed The Market.

Gordon Brown put a 'big three' points on the agenda today.

1)Agree a strategy

2)Organize a worldwide financial stimulus

and last but not least,

3)An end to Tax Havens.

As power plays go, it is pretty transparent. Don't you just love the way this criminal thug puts the tax-haveny bit at the end?

Still, at least they reported it.

It was ever the complaint of socialists that the rest of the world didn't practise what the socialists preached, and that is why we're all alive.

But Gordon 'The Moron' Brown is aiming to change all that, once and for all, and bring about worldwide socialist hegemony.

The Russians couldn't do it alone; Brown was one of their 'useful idiots' back in the day, as all of New Labour was, most of them with MI5 files.

They have penetrated good and proper, and now we're all getting screwed.

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Mr.Furious said...

While I'm at it, the 'minister for europe' is a bloody dinner-lady.