Sunday, March 01, 2009

Seeing Another Atrocity - As You Do.

So, needing a pint of milk I went to the newsagents.
The cornflakes with fresh full cream were delicious, thank you, but not so delicious were the Morale Conditioners at work on the front pages of the Sunday rags.
'MI5' (no less ) is reportedly worried about the possibility of riots in the Summer over Bank Bonuses being too large.
This is sick bullshit, designed to mobilise the so-called 'free' press against any working man who has the guts to stand up against the evil, thieving, bullying thugs that impersonate the government in this devastated country; they are using the press as another agency of policy to intimidate the population and particularly the City ( which was for 20 years the saviour of the economy until the bastards milked it to death), so that we will accept any or all of the nasty surprises they have planned for us, under the guise of 'emergency'.

MI5 should definitely be concerned - as they were over Harold Wilson last time it was tried.

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