Tuesday, March 10, 2009


London on the eighties was fun. Finding a place to live was often hell, but at work we had fun.

There were masses of big office builds then, and I worked on a few of them. London trades were booming, and loadsamoney was real.

I was watching the Daily Mirror advert today, where the tic-tac man at the race course is given subtitles, saying 'I dance like this at weddings'.

It reminded me of a goofball, a right lads lad we had working for us on the partitioners team; one day Kate Bush was playing on the radio, and he and his mates all started dancing like Kate Bush. It was bloody funny. It still gives me a good feeling now.

Or another time when an old Sparks and his apprectice were told to 'shape up', so they started doing star jumps - the kid jumped up and down and the oldster flung his arms out. They split it between them, they were a team.

A little later I cut my hand, and the old timer showed me how to make a dressing out of a cigarette paper.

Glorious. God, I love work.

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