Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Tricks on TV.

Turn on the TV. Within 30 seconds your tired of it.
So, you start tuning around to try to find something that doesn't bore to offensive, impossible to watch, levels.
You find a list show. Top 100....
Today, it's Top 100 Couples We Love To Hate.

Actually, these people they are trying to lynch are actually mostly completely forgotten. But they nevertheless pretend we are interested, and we endure the talking heads and crummy library shots until we reach the stage of actively disliking what we see.

But here's the trick.

We don't hate the TV company, or the programme, because there may be just one couple we remember with distaste, and want to see again, to see where they appear in the list.

So our hatred of the crap programme is sublimated to hatred of the couples.

And lo and behold, we think we've seen something good.

But we haven't, it isn't, and after one or two such programmes, we return to avoiding them at all costs and switching round again.

Why do they bother? Why is television so chronically flatulent and flabby that it must go on all the time, pumping shit out at all hours? It isn't television entertainment any more. It's a tool of mental illness.

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