Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Government Spending works!

But not because the government did the spending.
Today I went to sign on to the unemployment benefit office, so I can receive my pittance from the monopoly state insurance scheme.
They said "Why don't you try the job search consoles while you're waiting?"
I remembered these from the nineties.
Advanced, but not terribly useful.
So I had a go.
Within twenty seconds, I had over a hundred Software jobs on multiple screens.
Touch screen, with a GUI that I completely approve of as meeting my standards of simplicity and transparency.
Three of them were worth an application.
So I hit the print button, and a long piece of paper rolled out of a slot, cut to exactly the right length, with the job details on.
The contact methods were all customised too.

They haven't necessarily spent all that wasted money on this. But what they have spent has been spent well.

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