Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I just can't watch MadMen any more.
Too many terrible continuity mistakes are completely wasting everybody's efforts.
It is set in 1961.
Last week I heard somebody say 'hit the ground running'.
I remember that phrase. I think it appeared in the eighties.
Then today, Mrs. Draper tells her son to leave the 'stereo' alone. Now I know for a fact that while we were not rich, we didn't get a stereo record player till 1976, and my parents were so alien to it they went around for three years calling it a 'steer-ee-o' and placing a speaker in each room to 'spread the sound out'.
I don't recall my parents being especially thick, but then again.
So Mr. Draper would not say 'hit the ground running', and Mrs. Draper would probably say 'phonograph' or radio because that is what they were in 1961.

It is bad writing. Couldn't these kids take time to ask somebody who was actually alive?

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