Tuesday, March 24, 2009


90210 is so, like, shite!

I'm going to write an episode.

Tiffani brings her boyfriend, Luke, back to the apartment, but her roommate, Eric, is snogging Robersha on the Davenport.


She is so freaked out, she tries to look shocked! Then Eric and Robersha stand up, looking embarrassed and rearranging their barely disturbed clothing.

"How could you!", says Tiffani."I trusted you!"

"Aw, fuck off and mind your own fucking business." says Eric.

"Why do you think they call me Psychedelic Eric?"

"Yeah, but I've got my squeeze and you've got yours!"

"And this is a problem, why?" Says Robersha.


Pan camera round to each of their faces in turn, as each one says 'Er.....'

Run credits and title music.

Don't forget folks, this is 'all new'!

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