Sunday, March 15, 2009


Altruism is always referred to as if it were a belief system, an idea which is one among many, and is available to us as a potential choice for a code by which to live our lives.
This is rubbish.

Altruism best describes a psychosis, an actual and commmonplace mental illness that takes the form of psychological dependence on other people for a sense of existence.

The sense of existence is revealed to the sufferer as a sequence of psychological mechanisms which implement emotional responses and thus perpetuate an illusion of life.
The altruist illness requires the subconscious and unchecked, obsessive delusion that all behaviour is socially orientated.
While essential humanity stops this from reaching psychotic episodic levels sometimes, commonly it doesn't, and entire belief systems of delusional type are built up around the impulses generated.

The altruisitic belief in social metaphysical reality is thus, through the subconscious guidance of rationalising thought processes, able to produce complex and express theoretical systems promoting the value of overt altruism.

Thus, a mental illness, typically caused by lack of employment, the lack of independent experience and the cowardice inherent in group behaviour, leads to such things as Marxism and Christianity.

However, it is the exploiters of the illness, such as Marx and the church leaders, who have sought to acquire political power by expressing theories and moralities which lend psychological validation to the altruist psychotic. For this reason alone, without further examination, their claims of humanitarian benevolence may safely be disregarded.
Any person who seeks to exploit the mentally ill is the most evil of individuals.

I look forward to the day when altruism is recognised as a treatable mental disease.

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