Sunday, October 05, 2008

Vomit In Print.

The front page of the Observer, the socialist comfort blanket for all those champagne types in Notting Hill and Camden who may have lost their nannies - it carries the legend 'Crash Of 2008' with 'Disaster' writ large underneath.

You can bet that the creators of this page don't believe for a minute that it is anything of the sort.
They still publish, confident that there will be a market of people with money and leisure to invest in this form of idle schadenfreud, thus negating the point they try to make by the fact that they are making it.
You can be sure they waited until it was safe in their eyes, before making the cowards' shout from the back of the crowd.

If the Observer goes absolutely broke and goes out of business forever, I will be convinced that something cathartic is on the cards.
Then and only then.
Until then, we can rest assured that all the usual people are safely behind the eight ball.

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