Monday, October 06, 2008

Let's See Now......

They promised an 'end to boom and bust'.
This was the key to giving them control for as long as the lie could sustain.
And to hell with everybody and everything that didn't fit the plan.

So they sold cheap money to the banks; the interest rates were kept low, so that we could buy cheap credit.
The credit went to buy real produce in China, which we could afford not because we had earned it, but because we had cheap credit.
The Chinese got tons and tons of money for their work, and used it to buy government credit notes in the West.
Thus, the governments provided more cheap credit.
Thus we bought even more Chinese produce, and they bought even more credit.

Our governments could see no reason why this would ever end.

You won't be.
After next week's episode of......SOAP!
(laundry soap, chinese laundry soap, Chinese money laundry soap).

Trouble is, they have told so many lies about the Industrial Revolution being 'founded on slavery', that they see nothing wrong with contracting out slavery to a government that enslaves 1/4 of the population of the world.

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