Friday, October 10, 2008

Sadly Too Typical.

Tonight I watched the Harry And Paul Show on BBC1.
Once you get past the jokes and see where they are headed, the usual suspects are only too apparent.
First off, the title sequence is not 'making fun of' the Soviet Politbureau.
It is embracing it in the warmth of a proper BBC welcome. But it is not the BBC. It is Harry Enfield, that famous champagne socialist, who is admiringly tipping the wink to the Soviets.
So why, in the first sketch, was Margaret Thatcher murdered by Nelson Mandela?
This is what all the other sketches were leading up to.
As if nobody would notice.
Once that basis is established, then the rest of the sketches fall into place like the dominos in the Guinness advert.
Harry pretends to have a 'kind smile' for the benefit of the 'Polish girls'.
He presents himself as a bumbling, kind, amiable little fellow who is going bald, and is lonely.
In fact, this is a front, the front Enfield has been presenting to the world for thirty years and more.
But every time he fumbles, something gets trashed. If you don't see the method behind his alleged aimlessness, you haven't been paying attention.
Like all the socialists, he has been playing a long game, the only kind of game that could have sustained them through the eighties, when their arch-hate Margaret truly scared the shit out them- by being successful and popular with the people.
And they have been trying to tuck we, the people, up in our prams again, ever since.
Their kind smiles follow us from the cradle- to the grave.

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