Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Come Again?

They are crowing about the end of 'Reaganism-Thatcherism'.

Apparently its time has come. 

What they fail to mention is that they killed it ten years ago. Maggie was forced out eighteen years ago, Ronnie in 1988, twenty years ago. Ronnie is dead. Maggie is broken.

But at the time, Maggie and Ronnie were unstoppable, popular, effective and wildly victorious.

It was their enemies who looked to objectify them, by creating absurd 'isms' linked to their names.

And it is these enemies, dismayed by the continuing expectations of the people that the eighties will continue, who are now seeking to murder the strawmen they invented and take our freedom with them.

They hate and fear the realities of that time so much, there is no atrocity to which they will not stoop in their quest to murder our hope.

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