Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Neighbour Situation.

What do you do when your neighbour finally and irrevocably proves that he is an asshole?


Print out the Wikipedia entry for 'Asshole'.

Fold it twice. Put it in an envelope. Address the envelope to your neighbour. Put a stamp on it. Place it in a post box.

Then, write a letter, to his landlord. Keep it friendly. Mention the noise. Mention the pets. Mention Civil Action in the courts.

Address it to his landlord. Put it through the agent's letterbox.

Then go and have a beer while looking out across the Bay.



Wiggysan said...

Good work Victor !!

Hope the Landlord kicks him out.

Victor said...

The landlord wrote back yesterday.
One more complaint and the guy is out.

Anonymous said...

I support this

Victor said...

Thanks for the support.
Now for a bit of velvet glove, for the sake of my own mental health.