Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some More Pictures From Flower City.

This is a picture of a picture; Steve Kubby, a contender for the presidential candidacy on behalf of the Libertarian Party.
They chose a 'safe pair of hands', ie they sold out.
Alaskan Beer. Absolutely gorgeous.

The windows on the left are the front wall of Lolli's Castagnola Restaurant. The view is free, the food is excellent, and it doesn't cost the earth to eat there. The Alaskan beer was in the bar, along wiht ten or twelve others.

You can't quite make this sign out, but it said 'S&M Shellfish, dominating Bay area seafood since 1968'.

Leaving Fisherman's Wharf behind.

Under the Golden Gate Bridge on the South side.Coming back under from the Pacific.

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