Saturday, July 26, 2008


After the music companies ignored a world crying out for the Biggles movie soundtrack, which has been unobtainable for 22 years, I found a BitTorrent enabler called 'Mininova'.
When there's something you need....when you are all alone....when you're desperate.....look for mininova.
It won't be hard to find.
Oh yes.
I now have Biggles.


Pietr said...

Incidentally, it contains a song by Motley Crue, part of an album I just bought from Amazon, so I guess the marketing model they use is crap, because this download actually generated a sale.

Pietr said...

I think the fall in CD sales is entirely due to the crappy music being written and performed so much of the time these days.
I mean, I have a louse of a neighbour, a kid, and he listens to sounds I can only describe as a whale drowning in a public toilet.
The sole redeeming feature of this shit is that even he turns the rubbish off after a while and I regain the use of my living room.
For living.