Monday, July 28, 2008

The Govmunt.

The game goes on.
As more and more people become less and less interested in what is jokingly referred to as 'democracy', sorry, 'our' democracy, the govmunt comes up with ever more absurd ways of engaging our interest, like a fat, ugly fan-dancer ignoring the jeers and cat-calls and filibustering with grimly cold determination, seeming never to shed any clothing or move any fan that isn't immediately replaced without showing us anything interesting.
The game goes on.
The govmunt steals and bribes; it steals our money then tells us it's ours. Then they pay some of it back out as bribes, and tells us it's theirs.
Wha? Are we really stupid enough to stand for this crap?
But, the game goes on, and the balls are kept in play by the armies of hangers on and fellow travellers who wish to promote their particular comfy lives at the expense of *nobody* ie the few producers struggling on, with the wisdom of centuries at their disposal from the screeching public schoolboys to the inverted snobs from comprehensives, all seeking to get that final revenge on the 'unmutuals', the few kids they saw who didn't care for them or their petty enthusiasms, the true people who denied them the sympathy they whined for, the sympathy for their mistaken creeds, that lifeblood of the weak, somebody to talk to who listens without conversing.

So these people struggle into positions of responsibility or public profile, playing the game so that they can really feel conformal, and then screeching to a captive audience that finally has to listen.
And television dies. And radio dies. And newspapers die. And the music industry dies.
Because these bastards have nothing to say worth listening to.
Next, the game moves to the internet.
The monkeys are going to get their filthy paws on that by way of licensing it.

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Deogolwulf said...

It is certainly no joke, but it is democracy.