Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Visit Friendly Britain, Land of Human Sacrifice.

So here's the situation.
For many years, if the psychotic terrorists tried to conquer their neighbours Noriega-fashion, using noise (not Rock music - that can be listened to all day) then eventually the police could confiscate their weapons.

However, just a couple of months ago, the police were stripped of the power to close down noise.
So when some piece of shit turns up its oversized industrial 'boom' speakers and makes your one and only home into the trunk-space of a 'tuned' car, rendering it uninhabitable, there is absolutely nothing you or anyone can do, except try to work it out.

Obviously, this is what some of them are hoping for, so they blitz you for five hours every night after work, knowing that short of punching their lights out (and risking arrest for assault, and a criminal record) there is very little left to do.

Fortunately there is an option in rented property. If you can get the signatures of three neighbours and make a complaint to the landlord, they are obliged to threaten them with eviction.
This is one of those surviving idiosynchrasies of British law.
Don't count on it existing too much longer.
Due to no actual cogent purpose that I can detect, to achieve nothing whatever by way of power or political dominance, we are being progressively disarmed and placed at the mercy of these bastards.

My only imagined reason is that the people who make policy are like Tracy Emin and her 'art'.
It is the same strand of wanton senselessness, and in the service of the same idleness masquerading as purpose.
And these swine are PROSPERING today as never before.
Thanks Tony!

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