Saturday, July 19, 2008

Funny That.

Looking up Billy Joel on wikipedia, I noted the description of his 1989 tour dates in Moscow, and thought no more of it until I saw a children's programme on ITV1.
The girl was being pushy and putting herself forward for the 'grande finale' singing spot of the show.
She spoke with a fake American accent.
She was watched by the 'cool' kids, one of whom(of course) was black with dreadlocked hair. The others just stood in sunglasses and hats, watching her efforts with disparaging head-shakes.
This was clearly some Soviet idea of 'cool', where it is the duty of the 'cool' to sneer and put down other people, especially if they are American, especially if they are making a sincere effort.

The Cold War is over, the Russians won. They got more freedom, we got the Soviet apparatus infesting every child's future.
In another generation everything we designed so much hardware for, spent so much money and effort on, and defended so hard for, will be lost.
Due to the sneaking bastards of the internal fifth column, the fifth column grown in state nurseries during the 70s and 80s, like incubated disease ready to be released on our world.

It's happened. They're here. And in control.

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