Thursday, May 24, 2007


Imagine all the people; the people who resent.
The people who wish to belittle, in the name of an ever-changing 'cause'.
Imagine that you become relevant; that you are 'noticed'.

Then imagine that they suppose that they represent a 'new order', a world government by cajole in waiting.
Once you are noticed all hell breaks loose. By stealth, by psychological coercion, by threat; the maelstrom is designed to break you down.
Where you don't exactly break, they search for any weakness to add to their ungoverned, illegally held, 'hearsay' database, anything which they suppose may have had an effect.
You have to be very careful what you say, and to whom.
Because they listen, and once you are noticed, as somebody who represents a threat, an obstacle, an-other, they will pay attention.
They will watch and wait, and when you say or do anything wrong, they will attack, through music, words, thugs, all forms of weirdness, to knock you down.
They regard themselves as pacifist, like the communists, which means murder is on their minds, not yet their consciences.
They are a minority, but they are everywhere, and they are real.
Of course, while murder is rare, they are quite accomplished at the intolerable, in order to drive people mad; of course, once 'mad', anything you learn about them is 'paranoia'.

And no. It isn't a conspiracy theory. It is the ineluctible deduction of meaning where there should be none, violence where peace is the norm, and doubts where there used to be certain knowledge.
They are the fruit flies of civilisation, and they like to think they are unnoticed.

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