Monday, May 14, 2007

The IPCRESS File and the Minefield

I still haven't read Len Deighton's 'IPCRESS File', but I have seen the excellent Michael Caine film several times.
Noting my own reactions to the possibility of sudden and total escape from the conditioning fields of England, mainly by obtaining work in Europe, I detected feelings of paranoid dread and dangerously physical tendencies towards reaction against my situation.

In the IPCRESS File, powerful intelligences are conditioned by continual and unpredictable violation to collapse when previous normality reappears.
So the scientist about to resume giving lectures collapses into incoherence for example.

We are literally assailed with similar trickery, from White Noise (boasted of by MI5 in the seventies as their 'only form of interrogative coercion'), to the chronic attacks of the vicious poor, those who have made a psychological investment in protecting themselves from the image and reality of other people's self-made success.

In other words, Britain (and elsewhere) is awash with a peculiarly stylised intellectual stressing force, one that is supposed to channel our mental processes and prevent us from ever recognising anything outside.

Thus we are rendered 'British', confined to the slave-pens of futile stupidity which kills talent in this country.
For a real example, H.E.Bates was a great cartoonist. He wanted to be a serious artist, but when he tried he had a nervous breakdown.
I for one am tired of people trying to make me 'more rounded', knocking 'off the sharp corners' and generally using every means up to and including clenched fists and boots to beat me to a compliant pulp.

So I have to say that Len Deighton was a rare exception, a Penny Dreadful popular novelist with something extremely and excellently insightful to say about life in Britain, whether consciously and deliberately or not.

Meanwhile, I have to follow my awful dread to its source and find the answer to the question I've been faced with;
will I go to Europe, where I don't even speak the language, in order to break the stalemate of life here?

I think so.

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