Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Everybody Else- Don't Be Silly.

No suitable pictures today.
Just to say, have you ever noticed what appears on TV screens under the ridiculous title of 'Royal Expert'?
Usually there is some dull, deferential git. He manages to look 'engaged' but not in a vulgar way; he presumes to pique our interest with his ditchwater-dull 'insights', all the while congratulating us with his body language on our prurient curiosity, while remaining aloof in an amused, indulgent sort of way.
Underlying this is an air of urgent sincerity, such as is appropriate to somebody who is useless, has nothing to say, and doesn't want to be found out.

Then there are the styling cues.

Suits are vaguely expensive-looking, but not too good as these creatures wouldn't know how to choose; essentially they are country-solicitor chic, which is good enough for them as it implies an Oxfordshire or Dorset town and an air of understated respect rather than a Chelsea bedsit.
Usually too neat, a male bouffant to suggest public school, or better still, a grammar school imitation of a public school, which lends the pundit the competitive populist edge without actually being common anymore.
Besides, now that the age of grammar schools is ending, this engenders additional sympathy for the suspected Chelsea bedsitting room.

Enjoy your Royals, now y'hear?

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