Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Buy The Man A Drink?

The scum had something to say about Tony today.
Apparently they said that The Sun said he deserves 10/10 for the years since 1997.
You can tell from the furrows in his elastic brow that he has suffered for his principles; the tough choices, the hard calls, the outright gambling with our country and our futures, extended just as much as he could possibly manage to our world, all for the sake of his imaginary friend in Washington and his imaginary friends in the Labour Party-the latter keeping the New Faith all the more because they were given a place on the Gravy Train.
Our gravy.
All for the sake of an entirely self-serving putsch which put nobodies into positions that need somebody, like a bunch of unwashed teenagers rushing the doormen at a debutant's party.
The fiction was that they could 'grow-into' these positions, and a few of the more innocent (less culpable) believed they could do this; but the truth is most don't give a damn as long as Saint Tony is there to preserve the fraud from prying intelligence, something these people have spent lifetimes defeating.

Lifetimes so productive that they are almost a new kind of intelligence in their own right.

But Tony is going.
And the Scum is trying to preserve a legacy illusion, something to sustain the believers of The Lie through the collapse and disaster to come, something to create a myth of equal potency to the truths they have tried to kill.

As Stormin' Norman might have said, "It Doesn't Take A Muslim".

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Pietr said...

If you imagine meeting this kid in a pub and swing your fist towards the screen it gives a really good feeling.