Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Room For Sentimentality

I have been taking a look at PHP.
It looks okay, but C#/ASP.NET is a lot more intuitive and fast.
It's like comparing steam-power with diesel-electric.
So, soon, now that Mono works, I'll have a new personal website, running on a Linux server but written in ASP.NET and C#.
This ought to be a lot of fun.


Pietr said...

ASP.NET is fine on windows but a bit problematic in Linux, even with Mono.
PHP, alhtough older, is a rather neat way of mixing code into html files which in the absence of windows wizards is actually quite effective.
Now I've got to get the goddam PHP and Apache working together to actually 'serve' the PHP handler pages.
Oh boy.

Pietr said...

The PHP/Apache2 works very well; trouble is I have 2 firewalls and it will take a lot of extra work to have a computer which is 'on' all the time.
So maybe I'll pay the extra few quid to my DN provider and get a hosting package.
It's cheap, and with all the trouble, 'am I bovvered?'