Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's So Easy.

So, I finally upgraded from Ubuntu E (edgy eft) to Ubuntu F (feisty fawn).
The discussion boards were filled with all the chat about how easy and relatively trouble free the upgrade is, and how Linux finally had it's very own 'Wow' factor.

Makes you wonder if the Uber-Linux race has shit for brains or if they are just trying to stifle dissent by forestalling it.

They would put shit in a Mars Bar wrapper, eat it and say "Yum, real smooth!"

I tried for ten days to use every form of upgrade; the online version never manged to download most of the files, and the 'alternative CD' was useless and now seems to be unavailable.
At least the system wasn't broken though.

So yesterday, reading stories of how Mono finally works with feisty fawn, I took a deep breath and downloaded a clean install which I burned to a CD.

I installed feisty.

The Grub booter wouldn't install, which meant I lost access to my other systems.
I tried Lilo, which just goes straight to Linux.
Again, no other systems.
So I tried the re-install twice.
I obtained more and more errors,; apparently, fantastically, the CD had become corrupted.
I hash-summed the download; it was fine, so I burned another CD and reinstalled.
This time consolidating all my old partitions into one(except NTFS); Grub loader installed.

Then I went for the Desktop; this broke three times.

After 6 hours, at 0130 hrs, I gave up.

At 830 in the morning I finally used the '-f' command-line argument to make a good desktop installation.

The way Ubuntu suggested this was actually good!

Then I did all the old tricks from edgy eft to get the Video drive set up, and with another session in the afternoon, had a functioning, properly scaled desktop working.

Then the music player failed.

After research, I discovered that this is a feisty bug which they haven't fixed yet.

It is 2030 on Sunday.

I am going to make a cuppa, then see if the MonoDevelop package really does work now.

I'm not holding out any great hopes.

Meanwhile my old 2000Pro with Realplayer 10 is storming out the Leningrad Symphony;not much trouble there.


Pietr said...

It's 1700 Monday and after finishing a few downloads, ASP.NET in MONO ACTUALLY WORKS!

Pietr said...

Camera utilities are much as before, except the configuraiton file bug is now fixed and the thumbnails are working.
Much better.
Oh, and it only powers up the camera via the USB when it is actually working with it, so that's one-up for paranoids who imagine they're being spied on.

Pietr said...

I must say, I quite like this Python stuff.
I've ben using 'IDLE' for a couple of days, now, and it is a little like going back to the first computer programme you ever wrote, but with the opportunity to come right back up to date.

Pietr said...

MySQL is absolutely SHIT.