Thursday, December 11, 2008

State The Obvious If You Aren't A Goldfish

The stock market boom of the eighties lasted right up until the 'Dotcom' bubble collapsed in 2000.

But wait.

What happened in the eighties?

Maggie and Ronnie brewed up some Capitalism.


What happened in 1997?

That's right! The 'Third Way'.

And three years later after their numerous looting attacks on the wealth of nations, the markets fell and never recovered.

After a further 8 years of the 'Third Way', we see the greatest financial disaster since 1929.

What has failed, and what nobody has the guts to say, is The Third Way.

Yet again, socialism, whatever it's outer shell may resemble, has pauperised all of us.

And yet again, the fact is being covered up.

God help them, they are even appealing to the socialists for help!

When your house is burning down, you don't call an arsonist to put out the flames.

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