Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Friends Notwithstanding

Enough from SJP for the time-being.
My new Windows computer has a big hard disk and the capability for 7.1 sound, so I'm starting to put my music onto it.
Been using the Linux box for years, but the hardware isn't 7.1 and the disk isn't quite so big.
I'm duplicating the rip. I've got to say again, I'm quite pleased with Vista. The fanatic sheep at the San Francisco Chronicle were bleating about windows; to a man they waffled on about Firefox and Mac. But the fact is that Vista matched Linux for security in a recent test where the fashionista Mac failed.
And Firefox is, well, crap. It crashes every five minutes on Linux and sometimes takes the whole Desktop with it.
Anyway, I turned my Vista on at 6 tonight, and by 6:03 it was downloading the patch for the security scare that everybody was on about.
Meanwhile back in the SFC, I got a lot of thumbs down ratings from idiots who couldn't stand to hear the realities. They wanted to abuse people with their totally undeserved sense of superiority (for using Firefox), so that they could call windows users 'sheeple' and 'uneducated'.

Of course, there is actually nobody more ignorant than somebody who uses a delusion of superiority to spout abuse.
It was these people who were the mob, these people who were ignorant, and frankly they are doing a great disservice to Microsoft because they are, quite simply, mediocrities.

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