Friday, December 12, 2008


I'm writing this from my new computer.
It's an Inspiron 530; Core Duo 2.5 Gig, 2 Gig RAM and a 320 Gig hard drive.
The standard operating system is Vista.
I've heard all the stories, relentlessly, month after month, year in year out, all saying they wouldn't use Vista if they were paid.
I've read the articles about how Microsoft is trying to avert a public relations disaster and spending millions on advertising rather than improving software.
I've seen the accounts of people downgrading to XP.

The facts are different however.
Microsoft isn't spending millions fixing the software, because frankly it isn't broken.

The people downgrading to XP are idiots.
Compared to Vista, XP is total shite.
I got my system at nine.
I had it running by half-past; I had Visual Studio Express installed and working by twelve, along with OpenOffice.
And that included my trip to town for brunch and beers.
By two, I had rebuilt my new commercial product in VS9, and it ran faultlessly for an hour, passing every test I could throw at it.

Which was not true of XP.

It has operated seamlessly and without faltering all day. XP would have hung. Linux would have asked for my passwords a dozen times at least, and a few creaks and cracks would have shown around the edges, although my hardware setup isn't half as good for Linux. But then, they say it doesn't need to be.

I won't be replacing Linux.
But 99% of the talk about Vista is cobblers.
It is a good product.

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