Monday, December 08, 2008

Beware The Experts.

There is a secret culture in many countries, old culture, old countries.

It is quite precise in its application, violating us with almost scientific delicacy, keeping the sane mad and the loonies on the path.

It is practised by the powerful, from within the cages they haven't quite managed to destroy, the cages we tried to put them in many years ago.

They don't mouth quite so many platitudes these days, because their confidence is growing, or at least their insolence is; they control us through the application of torture, the torture allowed by the rules that were set years ago and they haven't quite got round to abolishing yet.

The rule for torture in England is 'White Noise'. This has long been the standard form of 'pshychological' torture that people such as Special Branch and MI5 have been allowed to practise in their lairs.

What isn't so widely known is that it is spread out into the wider world, like wiretapping, by agents who may or may not belong to agencies, or by agents who are just psychopathological sadists. 

These 'people'(I use the term loosely) are quite happy to go about our business, doing whatever they can to break us down and turn us into productive little drones who see nothing to object to in the daily diet of inhuman sewage that passes for 'life' here.

In America, the Government used Rock Music to destroy General Noriega.

Here little fellows with big sounds use 'White Noise' to rule our roosts and prevent us from ever coming to.

White Noise is a loose term also. It can be anything from the rumble of air-conditioning to a constant background like distant gunfire.

It is used against us when we eat, sleep, watch TV, write, but especially to prevent us from thinking or feeling anything that might remind us we are men.

Because when that happens, we either break free and leave(together with our taxable productiveness) or crack up and go stark, raving mad; at which time they criminalise us or just kill us.

It is a dangerous game sometimes.

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