Wednesday, December 10, 2008


"Pump billions into the economy"

What part of that rubbish is English?


They really think that they control something physical, yet arbitrary, which can be 'pumped'.

One thing's for sure. It isn't money.


This must be the preferred expression for amounts, an expression that conjures the comforting sound of the big guns, the legions, the host, hammering our fears back into the grave.

Where we all go eventually.


Apparently there is a shortage of 'billions', somewhere, which only these heroic lawyers of legal action can rectify.


The economy is a statistical unit of what amounts to the total productiveness of the population of the country, insofar as it expresses our legally extracted information concerning our lives.

But the monkeys think it's a real thing that drives people, not vice versa(real people driving a fictional statistic).

And there we have it.

The supermen are turning the world upside down to ward off death.

How much is a mortgage on a mud hut? And will it keep out the monkey-men's spear?

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Gorilla Bananas said...

You have a monkey fixation. I assure you they are no part of this problem.