Monday, September 22, 2008

Open Source.

The fact is, that some 'open source' stuff is only open source because the developers can't get real jobs.
They pretend to be able to programme, do a little bit which is enough to convince the gullible that their product really is a product, then release some half-baked rubbish into the world.

Example being that 'Ekiga' intends to take over from Skype.
Thing is, boys, Skype really does work, while Ekiga is an embarrassingly poor audio phone which swallows resources whole and tries to pretend it does video by enabling the fake menus, while echoing like a soliloquy recited in a toilet bowl.
While flushing.
It is touching that enthusiasts (wankers) go on saying it is okay, and praising its alleged features, but somebody should tell the two men and a dog (and a monkey) at Ekiga that no amount of TSR (viral) programming is going to entice people to use their crap.
Point in fact: 90,000 people are registered with Ekiga, typically 500 on line at any time. 12 million people are typically online with Skype at any time. And they are both free.

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