Sunday, September 21, 2008

Conspiracy Theory.

Over the years, under my own name, I have possibly made an impression in certain circles as someone who opposes the state, as a concept and as a reality, especially all forms of Communism, which changes to evade detection in the same ways as the HIV virus, using the same methods for the same purpose.
I have published many public articles, gotten into many public arguments and stood for public office twice.
Many strange things have happened to me.
I have been approached by total strangers wishing me to join peculiar societies or social groupings, I mean absolutely out of the blue; I have found my ambitions laid bare before unsympathetic people, and people who have watched all this and offered nothing but sympathy. Nothing.
Then there were the times that people seemed to know things about me and my loved ones. Times when I was down on my luck, and found myself 'kicked', threatened, abused, initmidated and helpless to fight back.

I don't think that they understand me.
I think that they hate me.

Who and how?
The who could be these people, for example.
They would fit the bill, but what of these 'methods'.
Item: I was due to become rich, through an invention.
Item: I was swindled, which prevented this.
Item: I enjoyed 15 years of peace at my old home.
Item: A new criminal moved in upstairs and began a personalised persecution which was actually physically dangerous. This happened when I fought back against the swindlers.
Item: I overheard my opponent talking about me wiht pure hatred in the election; he didn't know I was there(old leather jacket, flat cap, no rosette) and so I heard. Bearing in mind I was only expecting 10% of the vote, what was his beef?
Item: They were discomfitted when I moved to a better situation.
Item: I saw one of these funny little men hanging around my new street.
Item: A couple of weeks later my new neighbours left and another of these 'funny litle men' moved in.
Item: This one uses Drum'n Bass on an industrial scale to disrupt the house.
Item: Nothing personal, but the police have recently had all their domestic noise powers removed. So much easier and safer than employing criminals, if it is Common Purpose and not paranoia.

Could be a load of nothing.
But I don't expect that I will be suffering these fools much longer. I am making money, fast, and I'll be able to afford a bomb-proof place in a couple of years.

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