Friday, September 12, 2008

Anus Channel Four.

Channel Four news is the news that amplifies its own self-opinionated bluster to the point where it believes it is serious and possesses gravitas.
This truly awful collection of fraudsters is in its own mind an instrument of a state which doesn't exist, thank god, except in the flaccid imaginations of those who perpetrate it on a defenceless public.

Observe as Zenab Badawi (or whatever her name is) goes on the offensive against people who are merely expressing their rightful opinions, her slanderous imputations that they are lying just this side of criminal law.
Observe as sympathetic co-establishmentarians are brought in to simper in mawkish victimhood for any cause of the minute that the crooked news team wishes to ram down our throats.

Everything is just so, from their grovelling facial expressions to their slightly edgy stubble to their trendy oblong spectacles.

This isn't a news service. These are orchestrated theatricals on behalf of a one party state that hasn't quite arrived yet.

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