Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On The Record

Ten years on, and the longest pyramid scheme in history has finally reached it's inevitable end, the swindling of billions based on bad credit.
The end of boom and bust in the name of prudence has proven to be two spectacular busts based on recklessness and irresponsibility.

As we have become further divorced from consequences, we have gained a Ministry of Justice, like a 1960's South American military Republic, with our own version of appointed succession in the junta, from Blair to Brown.
While we have a ministry of justice, the police have grown ever more enfeebled, backed up by a militantly useless 'plastic policemen' organisation which wanders about in blue-rimmed caps looking almost like policemen but being utterly useless. They might as well wear billboards with 'Policemen' written on them, these £18,000 a year scarecrows.

And in the Welfare State, we are told that unemployment has risen twice as fast as benefit claims.

Please, please, please, throw these useless government criminals out.
Don't vote for parties.
Vote for individuals. Clean the toilet.

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