Sunday, September 07, 2008

Do You?

Do you ever discover a film on TV, or in the privacy of your own home, which you know to be excellent?
And you can't watch more than ten minutes?
Because they've trained you like one of Pavlov's Soviet Dogs, and your concentration cannot bear to last more than ten minutes?
When was the last time you went into a public cinema? How long did you go before being 'mugged'?
Was it some life form trying to assert it's imperial will by mimicking your laughter to destroy spontaneity?
Or some creature throwing something hissing and heavy past your ears in the dark?
Or just something grunting or coughing every time you move?
These are the means they use to enslave you, to make sure you pay attention to them and not to the film you paid for.
The cuntery of England is filled to pustulent bursting with such filth.

These days, I generally can't sit through a movie - unless it's in Canada.

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