Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Open Source

So, I decided to persevere with Ekiga. It couldn't really be that bad, could it?
In a word, no.
Ekiga is Open Source down to its boots, which means that unlike the free ride provided by Skype to a certain extent, Ekiga is endlessly configurable.
For example, ring the '500' number to test, and audio works out of the box.
But video can be configured in a multiplicity of ways, and '500' will loop your transmission back to you for inspection.
This works( after a delay), and you can begin to tune your video in terms of bandwidth and quality.
This is very open source, and I'm beginning to think that Ekiga has potential.
I'll get my co-worker to have another transmission session tonight and see if we can't get it working.

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