Monday, November 26, 2007

State Capitalism.

Capitalism as a Political System is the guarantor of Freedom.
Capitalism as a simple word is just a way of describing the accrewal and disposition of sums of capital, where capital is regarded as a store of human effort, to be released at (somebody's) will and sent to achieve a particular task.
Thus, the industrialisation of the Soviet Union might well be regarded as an act of State Capitalism rather than Communism; if the commune decided the application of capital democratically, two things would happen: firstly, communism, and secondly, an even greater disaster.
When the state decided, it was State Capitalism.
What we have today in the West is a messy amalgam, more toxic than any dentists, of the state being elected to do the democratically expressed economic will of the commune, in other words, a mixture of communism and state capitalism, with the few remaining capitalists arranged as puppets on strings to dance to the tunes played by the likes of Brown.
They don't try too hard.
The last time they were allowed the illusion of freedom was in the 80s, and when that happened, BOOM!, but no longer.
Meanwhile, the purer version of state capitalism in Red China is seen as the justification for all the compromises in the West, the excuse and the sponsor.
Thankfully for the likes of Ted Heath, the freedom-loving people of China(not to mention Tibet and the Falung Gong and Christians) got a 'damn good thrashing' at Tiannenmen Square in 89.
The year after, Maggie was gone, as was Ronnie.
All too late to save the Soviet Union of course, a disaster according to Putin, undoubtedly the last straw for those who seek to govern.
So today we enter the time of reckoning; we are faced with the prospect of allowing total control of our lives with the likes of Russia and China defining our freedom in the last deperate echo of the 80s, coming back to us from the impressionable new frontiers, all the while being reeled in by their States.

It's later than you think.
We have allowed them to kill the freedom movements that date back to the fifties.
Today we have nothing.
Today we are on our own.

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