Sunday, November 25, 2007

Behavioural Reinforcement 2

In keeping with the methods used in 1990 and, for all I know, before, they like to threaten me by saying nasty things about my 'women', whomsoever they, in their desperate, floundering seekings, percieve these to be.
So for example, when I put out the standard story for my not having a particular girlfriend (think Dagny Taggart and John Galt at the arrest), they actually go ot the trouble of searching for a likely candidate for my (unlikely) affections, and then claim knowledge of this person(should such person exist, which I sincerely doubt).
They will lurk not for weeks, not for months, not even for years, but for decades in the background, patiently watching us like the filthy creeping scum they are, for signs of affection, for any sign that we have any connection at all.
At the same time, they will pass the message on that we must have a partner, we must connect with someone, we must comply by having a crowbar with which they can threaten us and pry our value system apart.
I couldn't give a fuck.
Maybe I could see a whore if the fancy takes me, but they keep me too poor.
Besides, I can't be bothered.
If I had a woman that cared about me I would be there now, not writing this, and I would be there on the basis that whatever we did we did for the present.
I only have one regret.
That regret is that I can't publish all the bastards names and addresses publicly.
If I could do that I would feel vindicated.
Or, if I could live in a quiet place with a few quiet mistresses, a job and a couple of guns, I would be satisfied.
Obviously, in order to prevent their victims from defending themselves, they are variously disarmed, declared insane or otherwise rendered helpless.

But these are legal instruments.
And I've got news.
I don't care about legalities.
I care about justice.


Pietr said...

By the way might think you know about me... but there are absolutely fucking thousands of us, and we're all clued in.
Have fun you fucking wankers!

Pietr said...

Forgot- that should read 'millions', not 'thousands'.