Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fag Ends Of The Aristocracy aka Vermin.

The vermin are all around us, a perpetual acompaniment of snickering impotence, searching for our desires and ambitions, searching for anything to keep us in line.
They delude themselves that they have a god-given mission to prevent us from ever amounting to anything (or anyone).
They inhabit the Twilight Zone of social interaction, seeking to pass unnoticed and unchallenged through our perception and into our minds.
They pride themselves that they are subtle.
I'm not so subtle.
I've put up links to the major Western Security Services.
This is because these people are not the same people at all. They earn the Secret people a lot of bad press, but in fact they are shit scared of them.
I'm just trying to give a little back.
A little Hell, that is.

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