Friday, November 16, 2007

Forgive My Ignorance

There was a film in England in the 80s called 'Letter To Brezhnev'.
It was about a romance, Northern of course, between some Grimsby slappers and a crewman on a Russian trawler.
Of course, a Grimsby trawler was lost in the 70s, with a strong local suspicion that the Russians murdered the crew, but never let it be said that British luvvies ever paid attention to the sensibilities of anybody but their Communist masters; so they made a film in which the girls wrote a letter to the big boss man so that they could go on sinking the pink with their lardy Soviet thicko in dear old blighty.

The funniest part of this was that at the time, Maggie, Ronnie and most of the Western populace were busy gleefully putting the skids under Communism, so the sentimentality of appealing to mass murderers for clemency was especially touching.
NB.- This shite has an entry in Wikipedia. Apparently it was set in Liverpool after all. The propaganda about 'Thatchers Britain' is placed as subtley as a Coca-Cola can in a bad Spielberg movie.

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