Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The new front in the plot for Communist World Domination opened up years ago.
Adapting to the new overt reality of collapsed Soviets, they did their trademark thing of infiltration and subversion.
Today, the World Communist Party still exists, but it is domiciled nowhere in particular, with a relay of rotating leadership, each of whom takes a crack in turn at whatever tough-nut target it is that they want to crack.
They have all the gear, all the time in the world and enough resources too make their presence inferable by the observant.
At school my teacher always said I was very observant.
So here they are.
They have men on the ground.
They have men in high places.
They don't necessarily have men with guns - but they know where they can get them at short notice.
They have men with fists(as always- the only change is the command structure).

The open 'Communist Parties' are for the benefit of useful idiots.The real deal is as tight as MI5 but more numerous.
They are subtle, personable even.
They spread their easy brand of hell throughout the world, raising the uneasy hackles of British socialist and capitalist alike.
They are in most organisations, like a spider's web of command and control, able to attack the just on the slightest pretext, able to crush with neat application the independent rallies of the few, crush them when they don't even know how or why.
Well I've seen them and they've seen me.

I hope I'm not the only thinker who understands this.

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