Friday, November 09, 2007

I Love Work.

Work is a wonderful invention.
At work we have the entire world of good and evil, a world so very often denied to us in our 'own' time.
At work, we are assailed by the 'shrieking and fearful'.
These unfortunate creatures surround us with their perma-spittle of wretched sounds, trying and trying and trying oh-so-hard to put us off, or even provoke us into looking bad.
But we transcend, through the power of work.

We also make friends.
There is nothing funnier than sitting down to lunch with a bunch of jolly, good-natured working people, and catching site of one of your freakish, shit-faced would-be tormentors staring goggle-eyed and shrieking with horror at the site of so much well earned enjoyment.
These life forms seek to alienate, isolate and torture. They never seem to do any actual work, only hold pointless and fruitless chin-wagging sessions where they attempt to reach a convincing tonality; you can tell they are actually listening to themselves in their depravity to try and judge whether anybody can see through them.

I mean, all this fucking crap when they are being paid, it's robbery.

I scored bigtime this afternoon. I got a big old programme up to code and working after a week of bloody-minded debugging.
Listening all the while to ACDC on my headphones and powering through the bullshit like a nuclear sub.

If only I could do the same at home.
But then, we have 'neighbours', don't we?

Why can't all these dreadful people just FOAD?

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