Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Somebody Tell The Passengers To Disembark.

The world is apparently in the grip of dunderheads.

The more life goes on, the more they attempt to tighten their moronic, ham-fisted grip.

Point in example; today the BBC tried to link the 'economy' news with the 'weather' news.

It snows in Winter.

Yesterday it snowed in London, so they noticed.

They calculated how much 'productivity' was lost(sic). Then they said as they surveyed the Eastern side of the country, that there would be more snow and more absenteeism tomorrow, which: 'the economy can ill afford'.


We live. The economy is nothing, just a name given to a collection of statistics which are measured in order to estimate the material result of our living and thereby control us.

If we choose to stay at home, the 'economy' doesn't suffer, and we don't suffer.

We've just done something different.

It's like watching them try to build a prison out of sheets of paper, with the gross futility of action that only comes from genuinely delusional behaviour.

These are alleged adults receiving more money that you or I.

No wonder they need guns to get it.

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