Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Game Is Up.

If there is any future which regards this period as history, then there will be some confusion over why so few people were allowed to realise that this, today, is a Dark Age.

Example: I sit downstairs for a change and decide to watch some TV.
Everything looks hopeless. I am not in sufficiently charitable a mood to allow myself to flatter the producers of this pathetic selection that their 'produce' is interesting, so I select Channnel 4 News.
The very first image that strikes me is a useless picture of the back of a politician's head, while the alleged personality that sometimes describes the 'news' sat there facing both me and the politician while nodding his head and wearing that special, composite expression that British news creatures have, namely, respect, insolence and seriousness all at the same time.

And I thought, 'this is not news'. News is factual reportage of events, not the verbal masturbation of crooks.

So I turned it over to ITV3 rather quickly, where I saw a period 'drama' of some sort. One detailed facsimile of a 19th century gentlewoman spoke to another, then the camera concentrated lovingly on the actress doing actual embroidery.
Paint drying?
Far more interesting. What on earth possessed the director to delude himself that pictures of faked embroidering were even slightly interesting? And who gave him the money to pretend with?
I hope it wasn't me.

If there is a future, and it cares to look back on this age, it will be with absolute horror at the ignorance that gripped the will of the millions.
I say if.
Not when.

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Mr. Furious said...

While I'm at it, there was a new BBC4 programme about the 'Joy Of Motoring'.
The bore who made it gave a whining complaint about (London) traqffic and then set out to see where it had 'all gone wrong'.
Naturally I turned over right away and watched 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend', which was quite funny.