Monday, February 02, 2009

Did You Vote?

We live under the heel of the oppressor.

Each time I talk to people in the street, I hear that Brown should be shot or hung; I hear that regulation is killing business; I hear that we are no longer welcome in our own country. 

In fact, it isn't our country. It is nobody's country, a place where life is forbidden.

A little snow falls in London and buses stop running, banks don't open for business.

Both these businesses continued 'as usual' when it was bombs, not a light sprinkling of white stuff. When I say 'bombs' I include the ones planted frequently by the IRA in the 70's and 80's. As for our oppressors, they lie as they have always lied, big, fat, bald lies, which only win through because nobody has the courage to challenge them.

The press, television, some of local government, the civil service and all their vested interests keep the fiction of a large, popular movement alive; they publish only the views of their supporters, they allow only the appearance of their supporters, they create only the image of the big, fat, lying louse that serves their purpose.

And thus, a small minority directs the entire country straight to Hell.

Their next crime will be to prevent people such as me from having an unlicensed voice on the internet.

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